Meet the Gremlins...

There are currently three "gremlins", all of which are Intel based machines colocated at various places around North America.

SGI 1100


Shadow is an SGI 1100 purchased used over eBay. With dual 800MHz Pentium III CPUs and 1gb RAM (all in a 1U rackmount chassis!), it's the most powerful of the gremlins by far. It currently hosts as well as most (but not all) of the virtual hosts that I run for other folks.

Shadow is colocated with The Internet Stop in the rack they maintain with RACO Canada at 151 Front Street West in Toronto.   (more pictures)

VA Linux 2230


Daemon was the first machine I colocated, a VA Linux 2230 with dual 650MHz Pentium III CPUs and 256mb RAM in a 2U rackmount. Purchased over eBay, it currently lives in the Superb Internet data center in Washington, DC.

Daemon currently hosts my personal pages and a few other odds and ends that don't live on shadow.

Aptiva SE7


Imp is an IBM Aptiva model SE7 that began life as my wife's home computer. This Aptiva model has a 450 MHz Pentium II processor and 128mb of RAM.

While imp does run a webserver, it doesn't currently host any active pages. It acts primarily as a backup MX host. It's colocated with The Internet Stop in Ottawa, ON.   (larger picture)

All of the gremlins run Solaris for Intel and are powerd by Apache

The gremlins also provide the backbone of my MX service.

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