Our Trip to San Francisco

Jacquelyn and I went to San Francisco for a week in early April, 2006.

Experiemental Biology 2006

We were in San Francisco so that Jacquelyn could attend the Experimental Biology 2006 conference at the Moscone Convention Center.  I was just along for the ride.

Jacquelyn in front of the registration area The EB2006 welcome sign & directory in Moscone West The other side of the sign
There were EB2006 flags on streetlights for blocks around Moscone Moscone North Moscone South
Moscone West (inside) Moscone West (outside) Jacquelyn's poster
Jacquelyn's poster   

Miscellaneous Pictures

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which is right around the corner from Moscone At the SF Aquarium touch pool At the SF Aquarium touch pool

Pier 39 (Fisherman's Wharf)

Fisherman's Wharf is very touristy, though still interesting.  Unfortunately, it was pouring rain the day we went.

The north end of Pier 39 Pier 39 near the sea lions Alcatraz
The Golden Gate Bridge, through the rain Jacquelyn Scott
Scott watching the sea lions Scott being goofy Sea lions
More sea lions Even more sea lions Yet more sea lions
And more Yet more and... sea lions!

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